The black sweet prom dresses

    Victorian Style:
    If you loved to play dress up as a child, you may favor the Victorian style. Victorians tend to favor the layers of tulle and lace that come with the beautiful full ball gowns. Look for vintage lace, in pinks and yellows. Victorian style dresses are also fitting if you have a narrow waist and a womanly-lower body.

    Sweet and Simple:
    If you love the simplicity of fashion, a simple, strapless chiffon gown would be perfect for you. It's flirty because you can show off your shoulders, and it's also elegant and classy. You do not have to worry about beads, sequins or fancy designs with this style. Since a simple chiffon gown is, for a lack of better words--simple, feel free to get your hair styled in an up-do and wear flirty, fun heels.

    Sexy Dresses:
    If you have a great figure and want a sexy look, go straight for the straight--straight gowns that is. Silky, slinky and soft fabrics will look fabulous on you. These fabrics will show off your figure and show the latest of trends. Look for a combination of other fabrics and unique cuts that will help you achieve a sexy prom dress look.

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