April Wedding Giveaway

    I celebrated my 40th birthday in March and I thought that I should extend my celebration for a couple months. Well I thought that I would continue my celebration by giving away a gift. I recently wrote a blog post on tile wedding jewelry. The creator of the wedding jewelry has graciously offered to give one of her necklaces for an Inspired giveaway. Happy Birthday from me.To enter for a Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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Question: Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester as king?

    Why didn't Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester become king when George VI died? By everything that I know, as the next male in succession, George V's third son should have become king after the first abdicated and the second died.

    The type of succession that you are referring to is called agnatic primogeniture. Inheritance according to the seniority of birth amongst the of sons of a monarch.

    King George V had five sons. Prince Edward (future King Edward VIII), Prince Albert (future King George VI), Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, Prince George, Duke of Kent and Prince John, who died as a child. After King George V's death, in 1936 and King Edward VIII's abdication in 1937, the next son came to the throne as King George VI. In 1937, at the start of King George VI's reign, the first four places in the line of succession were occupied by Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Prince George, Duke of Kent.

    The succession to the British throne is by male preference primogeniture. Males have precedence over females, however if there is a female she is not excluded. Because of this, King George VI's elder daughter, Princess Elizabeth became the sovereign and not Prince Henry. If the King died without children, then Prince Henry would have become king in 1952 because he was next in line. If this had occurred then after King Henry IX's death in 1974, his son, Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester would be king, possibly reigning as King Richard IV.

    It is interesting to note that had King Edward VIII not abdicated and not had children, the succession would likely look as it does today. The only difference is that the present Queen would have come to the throne upon the death of her uncle in 1972 instead of 1952 when her father died.

    © Marilyn Braun 2011Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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The Sports Jilbab abaya

    Ok, so I'm usually not one to contradict the efforts of people trying to create things that will make the life of hijabis easier. In fact I really liked the idea of the Islamic swimsuits but when I saw the jilbab meant for doing sports in, I did chuckle to myself.

    Have you ever tried running in a full length dress? The excessive material is so unpractical not to mention dangerous. I could hardly use a running machine let alone an exercise bike wearing one of these:

    I know that the material is specially made for sports and I respect the fact that some women don't feel comfortable unless wearing the jilbab but practicality and safety in sports is important.

    I think these sport suits I found on Primo Moda, an online hijab store, are a far more practical alternatives to the jibab while still maintaining an appropriate level of modesty:

    If you do not like the idea of wearing these then you could join a ladies only gym which are avaliable in some places.
    P.S. This is simply my opinion and I do not intend to offend anyone who wears the sports jilbab.

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Theme Thursday 34: Let's Go Camping!

wedding love: a country fete wedding

    I just adore this relaxed and sweet country fete wedding with its romantic and dreamy photographs and beautiful details.

    It's the lovely wedding of Maike and Travis of welovepictures. Maike gathered so many beautiful details, many that she made herself... colourful bunting, hand picked flowers, sweet little blackboards and flower filled birdcages.

    Maike and Travis were married under a rustic wooden 'chapel' with guests seated on hay bales. The couple even had a 'decorate your own cupcakes' table, yum! I also love the fact that Maike called her best friend the 'mate of honour' not maid, cute!

    The next couple of photos are my favourite, they are so romantic and beautiful. 

    (Photography by Otto Schulze, found via Lanalou and The Pretty Blog)
    Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: A Gorgeous Bride by Unique Concepts Studio

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: A Gorgeous Bride by Unique Concepts Studio

Is Prince William's hair destroying the monarchy?

    The monarchy is facing its biggest crisis to date and they're powerless to do anything to prevent it. They didn't see it coming. Who would have thought it could ever happen? It started about five years ago, slowly chipping away at the the very foundation the monarchy prides itself on.

    Its good looks.

    Everything they hold sacred as the arbiters of style is at risk. Thank goodness for Kate Middleton. Her long, glossy locks will shore up the ranks. But for now the royals are in trouble. A recent poll showed that Britons want Charles as king instead of William. No wonder. Charles has more hair than William. Coincidence? I think not.

    Who is ultimately to blame for William's hair? Diana's father, Earl Spencer was balding therefore it must be her fault. She has obviously done more damage to the monarchy than first thought. Luckily Prince Harry inherited genes from his father otherwise there would be no hope left for the monarchy as we know it. Enter the republican movement at stage right.

    The media is already asking tough questions on whether Prince William is losing his appeal. Where's a celebrity scandal when you need it? Isn't there a disaster in another country? No, this is just too big an issue. We cannot ignore reality even if the royal family wants us to. If only there was a big event with lots of pagentry to distract us from the inevitable. So we can celebrate while we still have reason to.

    On his wedding day, all eyes will be on Prince William. After all, he is the future of the monarchy. Billions of people watching the gradual demise of the royal family. This could get depressing. Let's hope William's uniform comes with a hat.

    © Marilyn Braun 2011

    Note: This article is meant to be satirical. I think Prince William looks perfectly fine. :) Kate Middleton is a lucky woman who obviously loves him and her opinion is the only one that counts in this respect.Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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I'm the newest Babbling Bride blogger!

    I am very happy to share the news that I have been chosen to be a bride blogger for one of my favorite wedding inspiration websites, Babbling Bride! They have posted my introduction and my first blog post, which is our engagement story and the history of my ring. I'm excited to be able to share my wedding planning experiences with their blog readers.Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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Interstate Pigs and Bean & Leek Soup with Caramelized Radish

    Interstate pigs and bean soup?   This might sound a little crazy, but there's a connection, I promise.

    I've been having recurring thoughts about pigs lately, spurred by two totally unrelated signs that began with my trip to Charleston this past weekend.  

    Let me explain.

    We were driving, as you do on road trips.    Staring aimlessly out the window.    Kind of tuning out.  I saw a truck ahead of us.    Now, you see a lot of trucks when driving, really not that unusual.   But this truck was special.   It had special cargo.  

    I spotted little tails poking out the side of the truck as we passed.   Piglet tails.  Sweet, soft, tiny, curled up little pink pig tails.   Awwww.  That's when it dawned on me.   These pigs were going somewhere.   It wasn't just another road trip for them.  

    I grew sad as I do when I think about animals that we eat.  It is why I regularly go back and forth between being a vegetarian and not.    The more I read and learn about how animals are 'produced' in this country, I am sickened by the conditions and the fact that this all ends up in our bodies.      Don't get me wrong, I do eat meat occasionally and certainly don't judge anyone else who does.  I've just been thinking more about what I consume, where it comes from and the effect that it has on my health.

    Those little pigs heading to their next stop in the production process were nestled in my memory.  I settled back into vacation mode and ordered the pork ribs for dinner that night.   And they were amazing.   And I temporarily forgot all about the little pigs piled up in the back of the truck.

    Until yesterday morning.    The pigs reappeared.    Back on the interstate again, except this time in a local news story about five pigs who got loose from a truck and ended up in the middle of morning commute traffic.      And while admittedly, some of the comments in the article are pretty darn hilarious, the whole thing just makes me sad.  
    I guess the point of all this is that seeing these pigs triggered something in me that makes me want to re-examine my personal position.     I don't know if this will be fleeting or a more solid commitment, but for the moment I'm going to take a little break from meat while I reconcile my feelings.

    Long story short, I made bean and leek soup for dinner last night and instead of flavoring it with bacon, I got creative with my seasonings and CSA box and came up with this version instead.  The spice mixture, containing natural hickory smoke and ginger, replicated the smoky flavor of the pork.  The caramelization of the radish added a little sweetness and a tiny bit of crunch.  A wonderful bacon substitute garnish.  The salted butter also helps to round out the flavor in this soup.

    I didn't miss the bacon at all.

    White Bean and Leek Soup with Caramelized Radishes


    For the Soup
    1 pound dried white beans
    2 teaspoons olive oil
    2 teaspoons salted butter
    3 leeks, cleaned, halved and sliced thinly
    3 celery heart stacks, diced
    48 ounces low sodium chicken broth
    1/2 to 1 teaspoon pork chop seasoning (I used Penzey's)
    sea salt and pepper to taste

    For the Radishes
    1 small bunch of radishes, 7 - 10, large dice
    2 teaspoons salted butter
    sea salt and pepper to taste


    Prepare beans using overnight or quick method as directed on the package.   Rinse thoroughly and set aside.

    Heat 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 2 teaspoons salted butter on medium low heat in large soup pot.     Add sliced leaks and celery hearts.   Saute vegetables until soft, about 10 to 15 minutes on medium low heat.   Add 1/2 teaspoon pork chop seasoning to vegetables and mix for a minute or two until combined.

    Add beans back into soup pot.    Add the chicken broth to bean and vegetable mixture.    Simmer for an hour until flavors are fully combined.  

    Meanwhile, prepare radishes to finish prior to serving soup.    Melt 2 teaspoons salted butter in small saute pan on medium heat.     Add diced radishes and saute on medium low for about five minutes.   Increase heat to medium and saute until radishes begin to caramelize and form a dark crust, about another five to ten minutes.   Salt and pepper to taste.  Set aside.   (Radishes are best served just out of the pan as they retain a little crunch.)

    After about an hour, blend soup with immersion blender or blender until smooth.   Season with salt and pepper, as needed.

    Pour soup into serving bowls and top with radish garnish.

    Heading back to Charleston next with less deep thoughts and more on our weekend away!

    Meanwhile, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.   Do you think consciously about where your food comes from and how it is produced?  If you do, how does it impact your eating habits?Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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Inspiration 207: Hot Pink & Bold Purple Summer Wedding

Wedding Cake Stands with flair

    Your wedding cake is one accessory your guest will be sure to noticed. Whether because of its simple beauty or its dramatic presence, guest will be talking about your cake. What about the presentation? Have you considered what the cake stand will look like? Cindy owns Fabulous Cake Stands Her cake stands stand tall on their own and with a beautiful wedding cake it would make a wow statement. Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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Red & Pink Prom Dresses England

Alternative Wednesday #19: Skirts for Bridesmaids!

What's Goin' On?

    Many of you have asked where we are in the adoption process right now. Well, we are currently working on our homestudy.  Since our adoption agency, All God's Children International, is based out of Oregon, we had to choose a local agency to do our home study.  We chose Bethany Christian Services and are so happy with them as well!
    Here is a list of the paperwork items that must be included in our homestudy (just to give you an idea of what we're working on!).  I put *'s next to the things that are finished!

    Formal Application *
    Changes in Familly Status *
    Statement of Intent (Guardianship Arrangements)
    Adoption Release and Consent *
    International Adoption Statement *
    Affidavit of Health Insurance Coverage
    Copies of Birth Certificates
    Copy of Marriage Certificate
    Medical Exam Letter and Form
    Family History Data *
    Self-Study (Autobiographies) *
    Discipline Policy *
    Training Requirement and Schedule *
    Reading Requirements
    Financial Statement/Monthly Income and Expenses/Most Recent 1040 Tax Form
    Notice of Private Practices *
    Criminal Record Inquiry
    Background Check
    Expectations Consultation
    Psychological Reports
    International Adoption Fee Schedule and Agreement *
    Applicant Waiver for Background Checks *
    Waiver of Unforeseen Fees *
    Duty of Disclosure *
    Permission/Consent Form *
    Medical Needs Questionnaire *
    Passport Information *

    Whew!  That's quite a list, isn't it?  Many of the items on the list are just a single piece of paper.  The doctor's appointments, fingerprinting, psycological evaluation, and reading requirements are things that take a bit longer.  We're working on those!  Our goal is to have everything finished on our part and have started our homestudy interviews (they conduct 3) by the end of April.

    So that's what's been going on with us in the adoption world lately!Source URL: http://weddingdressez.blogspot.com/2011/03/
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