DIY Sandwich Bar

    Trying to come up with a cheap and delicious meal for your wedding isn't as easy as it sounds.  Caterers are expensive!  And DIYIng your food isn't always a smart idea.  Here's a quick and easy way to DIY your catering without spending much money or risking the health of your guests.

    A DIY sandwich bar would be a great set-up for a lunch wedding.  It provides a filling meal for your guests and can be presented nicely.

    I would recommend providing at least 2 different kinds of bread, but even more would be nice to give your guests some variety.  Ciabatta, croissants, and sour dough would be some good options.

    Pick up at least the three main lunch meats: turkey, ham, and roast beef. You could also add some pastrami, chicken, and salami for more variety.

    Include some veggies and condiments to throw on your sandwiches as well as chips and dip and fruit to round out the meal.  

    This is a quick and easy spread for your guests that doesn't cost much money.  Your guests will never know it though.
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