After watching the William and Kate's wedding this morning, as well as a documentary on the late Princess Diana's jewelry, I could not wait to tell you about MsBellezza's jewelry line.

    I totally got to feast my eyes on these gorgeous pieces - up close and personal. When I opened the boxes, I was blown by all of the sparkle. It was full of that bling that brides love so much. Oh hell, the bling that I love so much!!! Using Swarovski crystals, semiprecious stones, and exquisite metal and beadwork in the design of each piece, MsBellezza Jewelry [miz-be-LET-za] will help the bride, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom bring on the bling.

    What made me even more excited to share this line with you was because of the prices. I could not believe that most of the pieces in this jewelry line fall under $200. There are a few pieces in their Premiere Collection that are over $300 but rightfully so. But you can own a stunning piece of jewelry for your wedding day that definitely will not break the bank.

    Here are the pieces that I viewed. Most pieces are from the Statement Jewelry or Premiere Collections:

    Here are some lovely options under $150:

    Come Over & Over, $140.00

    The Betty, $120.00

    Secret Garten, $40.00

    Silver Screen, $120.00

    Gypsy Song, $120.00

    Champagne Cheers, $140.00

    Everyday is Friday, $120.00

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    I am loving these packaged panties by Affinitas. Perfect for a wedding day quick change (hey, stuff happens!) or as bachelorette party favors, bridesmaids gifts or to bring along on the honeymoon! You get a pack of three for $28.00.

    At just 4” x 4”, these cutie patootie packages make the perfect travel companion – discreet enough to bring just about anywhere. Stash a pack or two in your luggage for the destination wedding and honeymoon, and never worry about security going through your unmentionables again! Offered in both hipster and thong styles, Packaged Panties by Affinitas are fabricated from comfy stretch lace and mesh, in One Size Fits Most (approx 0-8). Panties come three solid colors to a pack in the following colorways: Ivory/Nude/Black, Aqua/Hot Pink/Turquoise and new for Spring, Pistachio/Sand/Baby Blue. Too cute, right?

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    The gals over at Unique Vintage picked the dresses that they would wear if they were going to be a royal princess. What do you think?

    From top left to right:
    1. Maggie Sottero, 2. Maggie Sottero, 3. Allure Bridal, 4. Maggie Sottero, 5. Maggie Sottero, 6. Maggie Sotero.

    From bottom left to right:
    1. Maggie Sottero, 2. Maggie Sottero, 3. Maggie Sottero, 4. Maggie Sottero, 5. Fancy New York, 6. Fancy New York.

    Unique Vintage items include 1920's flapper style dresses, 1930's inspired bias-cut red carpet dresses, 1950's style swing dresses and pin up bathing suits as well as 1960's style mod dresses.

    For added bling, both modern day and vintage accessories are also available. Yet despite the influence of these indelible eras, Echerverry’s items all have a hip and timeless flair that are perfect for the modern fashionista...and are not available at your local department store!

    Whether you’re looking for a knock ‘em dead party dress, a classic wedding gown or you simply desire to set yourself apart from the “off the rack” set, beats sifting through flea markets for that perfect piece.

    The Unique Vintage brick and mortar store is located at: 2013 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506Source URL:
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    Roses love weddings!

    During times of great happiness and joy, flowers can be a remarkable symbol of celebration, especially with weddings where appropriate flower arrangements can take some of the pressure off and help facilitate stress-free planning. With any flower delivery UK florists can help to make the flower arrangements a seamless task and can lend their support to creating the perfect wedding flowers. At any wedding flowers represent everlasting love and therefore they need to be chosen carefully to ensure that any sentiment is done so eloquently.

    When it comes to flowers, roses are often chosen due to their ability to transcend the need for words, with their elegance and beauty speaking volumes. Roses whisper messages of love and passion without overpowering the rest of the service and any wedding flowers inclusive of roses tend to be simple, beautiful and very effective.

    With the flowers it's a good idea to consider the day as a whole. The wedding flowers can be part of the bridal bouquet or present at the church, so they are of the utmost importance. Added to this, they can be included in the table centerpieces at the reception. They can also be sent directly to the bride or her family with messages of congratulations. Therefore, when making a decision, it can be useful to look at all the options available and the flower delivery UK florists can offer. Roses are always a good option as they can be cut accordingly and have the flexibility to be displayed in bulk, or interspersed with other bright and breezy blooms. They can also be given as a gift in the form of a tree or bush, as a more permanent reminder of the couple's special day.

    Beautiful flowers can be simple or elaborate, subtle or vibrant and bouquets can be custom designed or simple in their very essence. When considering the arrangements, roses are the natural choice as they are neither flamboyant nor insipid and simply know their place and allow the bride to take centre stage! They wrap their comforting arms around those celebrating, but never inhibit or intrude.

    Whatever flower arrangements are chosen, there are a host of florists who can assist, allowing the bride and groom to relax and concentrate on their wonderful day.Source URL:
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Party Dresses For Women

    Tips When Selecting Party Dresses for Women

    There are various reasons and occasions to get dressed. No matter what the celebration, women love to look their best, and are looking for an excuse to get their best clothes and make up out. Among the many kinds of events, the parties make for the most exciting and grand celebrations.
    Party Dresses For Women
    There are formal and informal parties that women plan for. While the formal partied restrict women and their selection of clothes, the casual parties and wonderful reasons for the most interesting clothes to come tumbling out of the closet.

    Party Dresses For Women
    Party dresses for women are an industry in themselves. There is so much variety and style when you think about party dresses for women that it becomes difficult to gauge the real scope of them. When you think of finding the perfect party dress for yourself, there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

    Party Dresses For Women
    The most important is the kind of party you are going to. Look out for the number and kind of people who will be in attendance and try and find clothes that fit accordingly. With causal parties, there is plenty of scope for variation and experimentation, and you can really let yourself go here.

    Try and look for something that fits you well. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when you plan for a party dress. There can be nothing better than a dress which complements your figure and accentuates the best parts of your body. If it is a fun party, do not hesitate to be a little bold and opt for styles which are more of a statement.

    Party Dresses For Women
    Ensure that you look for a color that matches the kind of skin that you have. Dresses which complement your skin tone are sure to be a hit. Bring out the sensuality in you by opting for colors which turn up the heat and bring out the color of your skin and eyes.

    This is the time for you to pay attention to trends. Try and get pieces which are in fashion and are hot on the trends. This is the right place for you to show them off. Keep with the times but make sure that you do not lose yourself. Have fun and wear clothes that match your mood. Carry off your clothes with class and confidence and you are sure to be the stunner at the party.

    From: Arun Kumar S
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Womens White Party Dresses

    Womens White Party Dresses

    The biggest thing in today's cocktail wear fashion, the rise of the white dresses' popularity had earned its way to almost every woman's closet. When its versatility was taken to greater heights with the newer fashionable designs of white party dresses featured in runway shows, it breathed new life into the party wear trend. The appreciation for what was always thought in the past as something only good for summer, or wedding, is now seen worn by celebrities in popular engagements and in fashion magazines of today.
    Womens White Party Dresses
    Some may still be a little cautious about wearing white because of the notion that it makes a woman look a size bigger. Such is not true. Anyone can actually look fuller in any color if wearing the wrong style for the wrong body type. Looking good in any color is really a matter of choosing the right cut and the right fit. Women have different body types. Today's wide selection of different styles of white dresses makes every woman's desire of slipping into a pretty white party dress no longer a distant dream.

    Womens White Party Dresses
    If you're born tall and slender, you won't have so much trouble looking for something to wear. Pear-shaped women could look fabulous in a white party dress in A-line and empire waist designs. A little above the knee is a great way to show off those lovely legs while drawing attention away from problem areas. Such styles would work perfect for apple-shaped and fuller women. How it compliments any body shape makes dressing up in white most comfortable while feeling chic and sophisticated. White silk reinvented into the most elegant and trendy options among the many cocktail wears made women recognize much more the beauty of this lovely material. Its natural shine turns the simplest white dress to something most eye-catching. Light and comfortable to wear, draping any woman of any shape beautifully, silk is definitely a perfect choice to wear for a special night.

    Womens White Party Dresses
    With all designs silk comes in, from haltered, off-shoulder, empire waist, spaghetti straps, ruffled, there is always a white party dress that would fit every woman. The great thing about white is how easy it is to accessorize. From gold chains to pearl necklaces, or silver clutch, with a little fashion sense, you can create the most striking ensemble. More daring designs are made for the more daring women. With the perfect shoes to go with it, your white dress will take you even to the grandest cocktail party.

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Juniors Party Dresses

    Junior Party Dresses - For the Best Dressed Kids

    Juniors Party Dresses
    Shopping for kids is always exciting. There is such a lot of variety these days. You can see all your childhood dreams coming true as you pick out the best possible outfits for your kids. But due to recession and due to the new norms of savings these days, it is important that we remember not to overspend. Thus, to find the perfect party dress for our kids at reasonable process seems like a tough task.
    Juniors Party Dresses
    Not anymore. You can ensure that your kid is the best dressed little one of the occasion at extremely affordable prices these days. Junior party dresses are now available in all sizes, for kids of all ages. If you have a little girl, you can buy her some of the cutest outfits that will make her the most noticeable and attractive kid of the evening.

    Juniors Party Dresses
    These days, the need for socializing is coming on very early in life. Kids too have various parties to attend - like day care parties, graduation at school and so on. Occasionally, your child may have to be the ring bearer or the maid of honour at a wedding.
    Juniors Party DressesEven for these occasions. Junior party dresses are available in the right fit and the right cuts that will bring out the innocence in your kid, and at the same time, make them look very much in style.

    Juniors Party Dresses
    There are outfits available in various designs. You can get formal outfits for your kids, in a single colour and some classic designs. At the same time, you can also get these attires with adorable cartoon characters, vegetables and flowers printed on the fronts. There are also some great attires that are available in sleek cuts like halter necks for little girls, and smart 3 piece suits for little boys. You can select the best junior party dresses, and ensure that your kids are the hit of the evening.

    From: Reba C. Geoghegan

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    This almost never happens to me. But while we were checking out everything in the Intercontinental, I had to stop by one of my favorite jewelry and hair accessories designer, Erin Cole. When I walked in the door, I did not notice the tall, beautiful designer. But as I was perusing her new gems, she said to me, "Hi, I'm Erin." To that I replied, "The...?" She just laughed.

    It was so lovely to meet the woman behind this incredible brand. I have been a fan of Erin Cole for as long as I can remember. So I could not wait to show you her new pieces. Can you believe that I took these photos with my iPhone? It really serves as a great little camera for me when I need to get a shot quickly. Anyhoo, you will need to see these for yourself. Find an Erin Cole store or retailer near you.

    The Designer, Erin Cole with a model

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Hospital room wedding

    Are your tissues handy?

    Patricia Wallenberg had her daughter's wedding planned out. It would take place this summer. Her husband, Ken, would drive their daughter, Amy, to the elegant banquet hall in his 1929 Model A Ford. There would be a four-course meal, a disc jockey and 150 guests.

    She just wasn't sure she would be there.

    Wallenberg, 64, has terminal cancer. She went to a hospital last week for a blood transfusion and nearly died. Relatives rushed to her bedside. Doctors were uncertain whether she would live to see the wedding. So she made a request: Could they have it at the hospital? "I didn't think I'd be around to see her on her special day, and that's what I wanted to do," Wallenberg said.

    On Tuesday night, she watched her daughter, Amy, 33, and Michael Percival, 35, get married in a small chapel at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park, where she is undergoing cancer treatments.

    Really sweet news story. :*)

    The couple met in May 2009 at a fundraiser for the Diveheart Foundation, a nonprofit in Downers Grove that provides scuba and snorkeling programs to people with disabilities. Amy Wallenberg, a volunteer, sold Percival a raffle ticket.

    "I told him to put his phone number on it," she said.

    The couple got engaged last Thanksgiving. Patricia Wallenberg began planning the wedding. She tested the food, made flower arrangements and selected bridesmaid dresses — even though she wasn't feeling well.

    After battling breast cancer for years, she learned a year ago that it had spread to her liver. The number of drugs available to treat her is getting fewer, her doctor said. On Friday, doctors noticed she was anemic and short of breath. They told her family to contact out-of-state relatives. "It looked like things were really critical," said Dr. David Rosi, her oncologist. "I really wasn't sure she'd survive the weekend." But she did.

    On Monday, as her condition improved, she asked her daughter and fiance if they wanted to have the wedding at the hospital. "We might as well go with it as long as everybody is here," Patricia Wallenberg said. Before driving 15 hours from their home in Longview, Texas, Amy Wallenberg packed her wedding dress and Percival his suit.

    "This wedding is all her mom has been looking forward to for several months," he said. "She's practically planned the whole wedding since we got engaged," Amy Wallenberg added. "If she wasn't there to see it, that would have been hard to go through."

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    The most beautiful place to celebrate the wedding day is one of them on the beach. My friends would plan the wedding on the beach WISID. langsungkan wedding will be next month. This place is very beautiful and romantic for you to be married

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