Take The Stress out of Your Dress.

    Your wedding gown should be the one thing that is all about you and something you may have dreamt about ever since you were a little girl. I know I did.

    Ok, my expectations were different as an adult than those of my childhood fairytale dream, but nevertheless, my gown filled every expectation I had.

    I still believe that bespoke is the way to go. You get exactly what you are looking for in a relaxed and happy enviroment. "You've made this so easy," many of my clients have said.

    I certainly feel the pressure is on to find 'The One', but do worry that this pressure often leads to those impulse purchases. Yes, they can happen with your wedding gown!

    I quite often read that ladies are not sure if the dress they have bought is the one for them. They were swept along by the ambience and fairytale and sadly they end up shelling out on a new gown when the doubt sets in leaving them to sell their original choice at a much cheaper price. In this current economic climate, can you really afford to give money away?

    Top tips.

    1. Take your time and don't rush into buying the first dress you see.

    2. Look through magazines for favourite styles and looks. But remember, the choices you make may not be right for you once you have the gown on.

    3.Take someone with you who knows your likes and dislikes and knows what looks good on you. Or not! I honestly feel, from meeting with many clients, that mum isn't always the best person to take. They have a vision of their daughter in mind and sometimes this does not reflect the vision of the person.

    4. You wedding album is going to be with you for the rest of your life so think about your style over current fashion trends. And if your style isn't available to buy, you always have the option of your local dressmaker!

    Many ladies are filled with dread when they walk into a bridal salon. Many are a little self concious of their body shape and can find the whole process intimidating. We offer a relaxed and informal service without compromising on quality. We want your wedding gown to be the dress of your dreams and above all a happy experience. One you'll feel comfortable about coming too for every fitting.
    You deserve it!

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