9 Way to Make Your Fresh Morning Part 2

    Start the morning with a light activity that will keep you fresh all day.
    You have to read half way to make a fresh morning getting fresh. We will forward a few tips that will make your day more refreshed. Fresh morning make your activities more fresh as well. Let's do this tip.

    1. Use Original Sugar

    You want to drink a cup of coffee or orange juice served as a breakfast menu? Use real sugar. During moderation, good sugar to improve memory. A study at the University of Virginia found that people who eat sugar before breakfast have a better memory of that day, even the next day. Remember, only a small dose of sugar! A small spoon or less in one cup of coffee / tea / juice. You can also sprinkle on top of white bread or donuts.

    2. Mineral Water Drinking

    This is the way that you may have often done, continue the habit. Drink one glass of water after waking will replace body fluids lost during your sleep. This will prevent your body from dehydration. Better yet, if you drank another glass before you leave home and move out. Prepare also a few bottles of mineral water you can carry while traveling to the office or while delivering baby to school.

    3. Check Calendar

    Make it a habit to write something on your calendar, whether it's the calendar that you hang on your living room or the digital agenda in your mobile phone. Record important things what you should do on that day, for example, there are families who have visited, or the date immunization baby, even your agenda to a dermatologist or bills to be paid on that day. Always check the calendar in the morning, so you will not be at a loss.

    4. Create Agenda For Baby

    Not only you need the agenda, if you already have a baby, you also have to help them make the agenda.
    Hang a white board in the living room, and then write the rules they must obey every day. At what time they can play, what time should follow the course, at what time they should have climbed into the bed and so forth. Create an agenda that can also be changed, eg they should revisit the year or coming to the stage art. This will discipline them.

    5. Cleanest from your Clean

    In addition to toothbrushes, your body must be clean, starting on the morning of course. In the morning you have to take a bath with efficient to save time. When you need to bathe efficient around 10-12 minutes. It starts by cleaning the entire body with soap, rinse, wash face and shampooing. To avoid running out of the bottle of shampoo, prepare all equipment bath before bedtime. Make sure all complete and no shampoo or soap bottle is empty.

    6. Dry Up Dry

    Make sure you have time to dry before wearing clothes around the body. Remember, your clothes will be comfortable all day if you wear it not in damp conditions. Damp clothes that make the nest uncomfortable and fungal growth. Also make sure you have time to dry your hair to dry, do not let your wet hair wet the back of the dress.

    7. Prepare Before Sleep Tools

    Instead of a scene because you wear the earrings will be lost, it helps if you have prepared all the tools that you will wear before bed. Starting from the equipment makeup, jewelry, clothing, to footwear. Put the objects in an easily accessible area. That way, you will save time and not getting grumpy at having to search for a missing earring.

    8. Tidy Rooms

    If you do not have a housekeeper, tidy up your room before you leave. You definitely want to go home and see the rooms are neat. You are definitely more stress when come home and find your room cluttered with clothes that bercecer on the floor. Therefore, make sure your room tidy, no scattered clothes, no pile of bills on the table and no blankets are messy. That way, you can rest in peace after coming home.

    9. Kiss Everyone

    This may be trivial, but before leaving the house or the baby off to school, kiss them all. This simple and quick activities will leave an impression on them that you really love them. You happy while doing the kiss, and naturally you have the same infectious joy. If you have this, then they will enjoy the same day excited with you.

    Not hard, was it? Who else could make a pleasant morning besides your own. Warm yourself with the warmth of the sun and start the activities with more vigor.

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