Getting Married In Vegas!

    Las Vegas is famous for weddings, and this was to be the dream wedding for our client, Julie today.
    Julie wanted to feel every inch bride, without feeling too weddingy (her words) with the current trends of bling, beads or a traditional wedding gown look.
    As designer/dressmakers, we feel it is very important that the vision a client has in her head, is the vision she portrays into ours. It's having an understanding, the ability to voice her preferences or changes where she feels they are needed without feeling she is going to upset the dressmaker, us! After all, if there is really something we know won't work, we'll tell her!
    The way a client will upset us is to not say when she feels something isn't right or her vision isn't quite the reflection she sees in the mirror at her fitting.
    Sometimes a client will try on styles before we have a consultation so she knows what suits. Sometimes we pull together a design and have toile fittings. Or sometimes a client will come with a favourite dress or sketch of something she has worn before just like Sarah did with her trouser suit.
    This is how Julie chose her wedding day gown. She brought along a favourite dress, but wanted to add sleeves, a subtle change to the neckline and of course change the colour.
    Julie also wanted the skirt of her gown to have a 'feather' effect similar to that of the wedding gown we produced for Jodie.
    The effect a synthetic chiffon gave opposed to silk was slightly different and the result wasn't as effective for Julie as it had been for Jodie. However, after hours and hours of pulling back individual threads of the chiffon to achieve the 'feather' effect Julie had fallen in love with, proved successful.
    Julie was over the moon when she collected her gown today and that makes us very happy indeed.
    Julie, we hope you have an amazing time in Vegas. Your gown rocks!

    Satin bands added an elegant detail. Something the beaded embelishment simply did not do.

    The beautiful wide neckline looked stunning on the bride-to-be. With the insertion of little poppered loops, Julie could anchor her bra straps so they wouldn't work onto her shoulder and expose themselves.

    The feather detail (a little hard to see) in the skirt.
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