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    If you're feeling a tad overwhelmed by wedding preparations and agonizing over your wedding dress, you may want to take a break, sit and lounge on your favorite armchair, and curl up with a good book. We'd like to suggest My Wedding Dress: True-Life Tales of Lace, Laughter and Tulle published last month (January 2007) by Random House (ISBN: 978-0-676-97846-9; 0-676-97846-0). It's an anthology of thoughtful essays that cover the full range of bridal sentiments, before and after the wedding. One of the contributors said that "the most important thing about the dress was that it wasn't white, it wasn't long and it had not a whisper of tradition clinging to it."

    There are about 26 essays from different women who talked about their wedding dresses and some of them, already divorced, described how their dress "felt all wrong" or "didn't fit" or "it just wasn't me."

    By taking time off from wedding preparations, you can re-charge yourself by reading about weddings. Wedding stories never fail to bring a warm glow to heart or trigger your love for laughter. For example, we looked for a story about wedding dresses and we found a funny one online from the Canadian Press (May 2005). It tells the story about a couple, Christopher Cummings and Charity O'Brien, both from Missouri, who got married on the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. The title of the news story caught our attention: Weddings on Ice. Exchanging Vows on Alaskan Glaciers.

    Guess what the bride wore to her glacier wedding?

    The usual, white traditional - complete with sequins. But what else did she wear with it? We've chosen this paragraph and want to share it with you:

    "The bride wore a curvy, strapless white satin gown sprinkled with sequins. She also had on tights, sweat pants, rain pants and a pair of hefty hiking boots fitted with spikes."

    "The groom was charmed. 'That's the way she is...' 'although the dress was a surprise.'

    Don't forget. YOU get to choose, not anyone else. It's personal, it's special, and it's an occasion that may happen only once in your life.

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