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    Informal Wedding Dresses Are In

    Informal wedding dresses are becoming the IN thing today. Not only are the gowns leaning more toward informal - but brides have chosen to move away from the traditional white Victorian style gown.

    It is becoming more common to see the blushing bride sporting colors ranging from the light pastels of a few years ago to the more subdued shades of greens, browns, purples, and pinks.

    Because of their increased popularity there are more sources than ever to shop for informal wedding dresses. Many bridal shops carry lines of informal gowns. In addition, there are several outlets on the internet, and of course there is always the option of making your own dress.

    Regardless of where you choose to shop for informal wedding dresses, keep in mind that if you are having a theme wedding you will want to choose a dress in keeping with the style of the theme. Consider what type of attire would be worn if that theme were not a part of a wedding. For example, if you are celebrating your wedding with a Italian Renaissance Nobility theme the attire, and virtually everything else, would be formal as they had rules governing virtually every aspect of court life. On the other hand if your wedding theme is a celebration of your love of the wilderness, then your choices would probably tend toward the more informal gowns.

    Suggestions for themes that could work well with an informal wedding dress:

    The western theme lends itself nicely to choosing an informal wedding dress. Whether your celebration is little more than a garden wedding on a greensward with horses grazing nearby or an all out barbeque amidst the hay bales, a long formal wedding dress is likely to not fit into the theme at all.

    The garden wedding is another great choice if you want to wear an informal wedding gown. Search for an elegant summer style to compliment this type of wedding.

    A dog lovers wedding is another fun way to personalize your wedding ceremony that would embrace an informal wedding dress. Design the wedding around your own adorable canine friends or use Disney classics such as 101 Dalmatians or The Lady and the Tramp as inspirations. Either way, biscotti makes a wonderful favor.

    A beach, or destination wedding, is another option that sticks with the informal style. The strapless or halter gowns - made of a very light material - are good choices for this type of wedding.

    Theme weddings that allow for a light and airy gown - informal style - are numerous and limited only by your imagination. Use movies as inspiration for theme ideas, but do not forget to consider your own interests and style. Once you have decided on a theme it should be easy to find the right wedding gown for your specific celebration - whether it's a formal affair that places you in the time honored Victorian styles or a more informal style of wedding dress.

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