Gothic Prom Dresses

    Any teenage girl will tell you how important her prom night is. Choosing a prom dress is a major event in a young girl's life, but prom dresses don't have to be traditional. Gothic prom dresses are gaining popularity as more and more girls are branching out from conventional ways of dressing for their prom. Gothic apparel is usually very dark and mysterious, with a Victorian or Elizabethan look. Part of the appeal of the Gothic culture is the ability to express individuality and uniqueness, including clothing choices. Choosing a Gothic prom dress is a great way to have a unique look and to show the dark and romantic side of your personality.

    Gothic prom dresses are typically black or dark in color, accentuated with rich reds, purples or blues, among other colors. Popular fabrics are lace, satin and crushed velvet, all of which look very romantic. There isn't one specific style when it comes to prom dresses, and the style you choose will depend on what you are comfortable with.

    Some Gothic prom dresses have a corset-like top and a long full or straight skirt. Think lavish if you're trying to picture one of these dresses! Layers of fabric in the skirt, with beautiful detailing on the top including a laced up back make these dresses very glamorous. Add to that a very narrow waist and you have a very dramatic dress. The tops of these dresses are usually very tight and often strapless, so if you're comfortable with a sexier look, this could be the style for you!Source URL:
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