Tips For the Future Prom Queen

    eens tend to copy hairstyles and make-up from their most favorite celebrities' pictures. And although these hairstyles have been done by the world's most professional hairstylists and make-up artists in the world, they may not be that impossible to try out for yourself. But if you really want your personality to come out in the way you look in that particular night, you should be guided by thinking about the exact kind of look that you want.

    The Sweet and Simple Look

    If you like to look sweet and simple, all you have to is choose from a variety of minimal colors that will appear almost naturally vibrant. This kind of look is right for all those girls who possess that saccharine, pristine smile that will surely charm its way out of anything.

    The Daring Look

    This kind of look exudes a striking confidence, that will surely be emphasized by bold shades like dark purple, gray, black, navy blue and brown. Usually, the smokey-eyed look will be the best makeup style to highlight this. The smokey-eyed look uses the blends of dark-purple and black, navy-blue, black and gray, or brown and black, to accentuate the eyes, also adding a thick coating of mascara and an overall lining in the upper and lower lids, from corner to corner. This smudged look is done to fully emphasize drama in the eye area and mute the rest of the colors on the face.

    The Chic Look

    This kind of look is fun, hip and edgy, typical for the ultimate party princess. It uses loud and bright colors like blue, green, hot pink and silver or gold. These colors are definitely out to give a statement. And since these colors are critical for color coordination, one must take into consideration good blending. So if you are using bright colors to highlight your eyes, use a slightly flushed color for the cheeks and light colored lip tints. Just remember that in using bright colore eyed shadows, one must attract less attention to the lips, to avoid that busy look.Source URL:
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