Indian Bridal Wedding Dress of Today

    Weeding for any custom or religion is a movement of joy, celebration and happiness. An event that lasts from months to certain weeks is celebrated in all the custom. Exceptions are certainly there which do not advocate the institution of marriage. Across cultures we see different customs and craze that follow a weeding. The first and the foremost that seeks importance during the weeding are the weeding dresses. The weeding dresses are both designed for bride and the groom. Realizing the importance today there are different designer labels that have jumped in the field of wedding dresses as their main line of business. While planning a weeding, one can either refer to designer showrooms or to the local bazaars for the shopping.

    Weeding dresses are designed for both the bride and groom; however among the both bride dresses hold a major share and importance. The bride dresses are not only varied in texture and design but also in the range. Comparatively the groom follows certain standard format of dressing and texture. The bride dress during the weeding is eyed the most. And this is the only reason that every bride aims to look the best during a weeding. The texture of a bride dress may range from tussar to silk, may have embroidery of either gold, silver or cooper

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