Short Prom Dress in many type

    When you choose a prom dress for that special occasion in every girl high school life, there are many styles to choose from. Short prom dresses are just as popular as floor length gowns and look just as elegant. However, you have to take the same care in choosing the dress so that you feel comfortable. The look of the dress is not everything.

    You have to start with the shape of your body when shopping for a short prom dress. It could fall into one of these categories:
    - athletic
    - hourglass
    - rounded waist and hips
    - straight with very few curves

    Each of these shapes will determine the style of dress that will look best on you.

    If you have an athletic shape, you likely have wide shoulders, a straight waist, medium size bust, narrow hips and long, shapely legs. A short dress will show off your legs that are the envy of most of the girls in your class. A strapless design will show too much of your shoulders, so it is best to go with a dress that has slim straps.

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