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    How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

    One of the most important factors for your wedding is choosing the perfect wedding dress. The process of shopping for your wedding dress can be exciting and fun but can also be very stressful if you do not define your plan in choosing a wedding dress beforehand. In this article, I am going to share with you tips in choosing your perfect wedding gown.

    Only bring along your 2 best friends for their opinions. If you bring more friends, they will have different opinions and you will end up being more frustrated than getting what you want. Always shop for your wedding dress at least 6 months earlier from your wedding date and decide if you want to buy a ready made dress or you want to design your own. On average you will be expected to spend about $5000 for a designer wedding dress and $1000 for a ready made one.

    Choose a dress based on your personality. If you are the type who likes to dance, choose a cocktail length dress. This applies also if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding. For the widest range of options, choose a wedding dress with removable sleeves or straps.

    You have to watch your diet when you confirm your dress. Choose one that is not too fitting and tight but one which is the most comfortable for you. A dress reflects your attitude, so choose one that brings out the best personality in you. On average, you will test about 25 wedding dress before choosing the best one for you. Do not worry about bothering the sales girl; they are trained to entertain all your requests for the best wedding gown. Talk to the executive of the shop and explain what type of dress and wedding function you will have and they will be happy to assist you. Another good tip is to look through bridal magazines for the latest trend.

    Finally, wear something that makes you comfortable and feels like you. Make the final decision on what you like best and remember this is your wedding day and once in a life time opportunity.

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