Bargain Prom Dresses

    Each year hundreds of girls fall victim to dubious overseas companies selling prom dresses via online auction sites. Originally tempted by amazing prices, girls encounter disappointments ranging from their prom gown being the wrong color to receiving an appalling quality dress that looks nothing like the photo.

    Understanding the risks
    Bargain Prom Dresses
    So why can buying prom dresses on auction sites be such a risky business? It all comes down to the nature of the item. Prom dresses are complex and delicate items of clothing. Reputable prom brands only work with factories that have the necessary skills, equipment and expertise to make prom gowns. However, some auction site sellers will list prom gowns even though their factory doesn't have the skills necessary to make them. The result is a dress that looks shabbily made and fits poorly.

    Bargain Prom Dresses
    Quality control is also major an issue in many factories. While reputable brands are able to ensure the quality of their prom dresses, some auction sellers are not. Buyers do not just risk receiving an ill-fitting dress; they may receive one that literally falls apart.

    In some cases a seller may intend to produce accurate copies from another brand's photograph but ultimately fail because they don't have the skills or facilities necessary to do so. In the very worst cases sellers have no intention of delivering a prom dress that looks like the photograph.

    What can I do?

    Here are some questions that you should ask yourself when browsing prom dresses on auction sites:

    Are the prom dress photos the sellers own?

    Some sellers will use photos of a brand's prom dresses even though they have no connection whatsoever to that brand. It's usually easy to spot if you're familiar with the brands' collections.

    Bargain Prom Dresses
    You should seriously question buying from a company who tries to pass other brand's photos off as their own. You should ask yourself why they aren't using their own photos.

    Has the photo been edited?

    It's also worth baring in mind that, even if the photos appear to be the sellers own, some sellers rely heavily on digital image manipulation. Take a close look at the seller's photos and you may be able to spot some of the tell tale signs, such as finding that the dress has been cut out of another photo.

    What are you expecting?

    People browsing auction sites often get very excited about the low price prom dresses being offered. But the old adage is true and you do get what you pay for. If you decide to buy a copy of your dream dress, don't get your hopes up that it will look like the original. Differences in materials and skill ensure that, even in the best cases, copied prom dresses don't look (or fit) like originals.

    So next time you're browsing prom dresses, take a moment to think about the deal on offer and the risks involved. Don't fall victim to unscrupulous sellers who will turn your night to remember into a night to forget.

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