Bargain Prom Dresses

    Bargain Prom Dresses
    Here are some questions that you should ask yourself when browsing prom dresses on auction sites:

    Are the prom dress photos the sellers own?

    Some sellers will use photos of a brand's prom dresses even though they have no connection whatsoever to that brand. It's usually easy to spot if you're familiar with the brands' collections.

    You should seriously question buying from a company who tries to pass other brand's photos off as their own. You should ask yourself why they aren't using their own photos.

    Has the photo been edited?

    It's also worth baring in mind that, even if the photos appear to be the sellers own, some sellers rely heavily on digital image manipulation. Take a close look at the seller's photos and you may be able to spot some of the tell tale signs, such as finding that the dress has been cut out of another photo.Source URL:
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