How To Choose A Wedding Dress

    Did you ever think to have wedding dress to be a extravaganza  that  making you look  great on your special wedding day?  The most important choice you'll make about your wedding dress should not be the prominence of its designer or the trendiness of its cut but rather the style of the dress and choosing a style that suits your body shape is vital for looking your bridal best. With this in mind, we hit a bridal dress expert with our questions for the lowdown on what style suits what shape and what's in vogue in the world of bridal fashion.

    A good thing to bear in mind when shopping for your dress can be comfort and ease. Regardless how good an outfit looks done to you, if you are unpleasant putting it on, it is not really good. You are suggested to choose from wedding dresses design this year. In this collection, you will be able to find different styles of wedding gowns, including A-line, mermaid, column style and so on.

    In choosing  a wedding dress sytle, you must consider what type of your body. If you have an apple figure, it doesn't mean you are over weight. Rather, this  figure refers to a slightly rounded figure with hips, waist and shoulder widths of similar width, but set off by slim, toned arms and legs. So you should collect  bodice worn with an A-line skirt - slim at the waist and flared at the bottom - is a popular choice for apples who need to pull themselves in around the middle.  Choosing a bodice with a lot of detailing around the bust will promote that area well."

     The hourglass figure is the closest thing to the perfect figure. Characterised by hips and shoulders of the same width and a well-defined waist.  This shape is by far the easiest to dress because virtually any style can be adapted to suit.  You can choose to highlight your curves by wearing a fish-tail skirt which will show off your womanly shape to perfection. Alternatively, you can emphasise your bust area by wearing an empire-line top. You could also focus on your small waist region by wearing a well-fitted bodice.

     The pear is the most common body shape in a woman. Unfortunately, it's also the hardest to dress. Dominated by a large, voluptuous lower body with large hips and a pert posterior, the pear is shapely on the bottom with a noticeably smaller top half with small shoulders and a small bust.  Choosing a dress or corset with a lot of detail is ideal as it creates the illusion of curves.  And don't hide your shoulders.  Pears almost always have a terrific slender shoulder area which should be accentuated by avoiding shawl-type accessories of any kind. Pears also tend to carry very little weight on their back so showing off that svelte area is a must. A plunging back on a simple halter or ball gown dress will ensure the attention is on your slender back.

     The boyish shape is typically straight up and straight now with little to no curves in between.  Boy-shaped women have a very small bust, a small bottom with no curves, typical of the masculine shape which is the source of this shape's name.  Women with this shape should accentuate their long legs as they are always very thin. Slim legs automatically look longer giving even small 'boys' the illusion of height, always a plus.  Wearing a short wedding dress  on your wedding day is not the fashion faux pas that it used to be.

    Your body type is the main factor in choosing the wedding dress style. If you have a larger size than other brides, your requirement of wedding dress size will be bigger. Of course, general size wedding dress is not fitting for you. You had better choose from plus size wedding gowns. Nowadays, brides can order their wedding gowns from designer wedding dresses stores. Only by offering your body size, you can get your fitted size wedding dress.

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