Simple Wedding Dresses

    Simple Wedding Dress Under $200

    Simple Wedding Dresses

    The economy might put a damper on your budget but don't let that stop you from finding the ideal gown. You can find a simple wedding dress under $200 that will make your guests think you've won the lottery. Follow these strategies for saving money while still looking like a million dollars.

    First, online wedding stores usually offer a discount compared to brick and mortar stores. Buying a wedding dress in a traditional bridal store is like buying a car. The staff will wait on the bride hand and foot, rushing in dress after dress and bringing them cups of tea and lemon water. Don't get me wrong, we all love that kind of service but all those extra niceties and attention costs money and that money ends up right in the price of your dress - meaning it comes straight out of your wallet. All for a little running back and forth and some flavored water. Save your money.
    Simple Wedding Dresses
    A second tip for getting a simple wedding dress under $200 is to find someone locally who can handle alterations for you at a discount. Going through the bridal store is often another expense that's bundled into the cost of the dress - along with a markup. Get references from friends and family and find someone who will cut you a deal on altering your dress and who you know will do a great job.

    Third, go for mass production retailers. Okay, so you won't be the only one wearing your style dress this year. You'll at least be the only wearing that dress at YOUR wedding and that's what counts. Manufacturers put out fabulous quality clothes for every other day of our lives, why not simple wedding dresses, too?
    Simple Wedding Dresses
    Not everyone wants the big ball gown for their special day. Simplicity rules in many venues and locations. A simple satin sheath is one of the most flexible wedding dress designs. It can be dressed up or down with simple additions such as a veil or a wrap cape.

    Another great simple wedding dress style is a shortened version of the traditional dress. The bodice of the dress can include only a bit of detail or cap sleeves, something that says understated elegance rather than a large explosion of puffy fabric.

    Looking for a simple wedding dress under $200 doesn't mean you have simple tastes and saving money is the norm these days. In fact, finding the right dress sometimes seems more difficult when you're looking for a dress fit for a wedding without being so simple that it looks like you're headed out to run errands rather than running to spend your life with the man of your dreams.

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