Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story? Here's a brides version of her true love with none other then her groom, Kainapau.

    "Kainapau and I met through casual friends surfing. We became best friends and I never thought we would end up together or even be getting married.... after a year or so of friendship my feelings grew and one day I realized I was in love with Kai! I guess you can say I was a little aggressive and definitely pursued Kainapau. We started dating September of 2009 and my life has been nothing but smiles. We went to Switzerland for a few weeks to visit a girl I went to school with and it was an amazing trip! We snowboarded, drank wine and ate lots of cheese. Towards the end of the trip; after a long day on the slopes Kainapau asked me to come out and look at the view. We were staying in a swiss chalet that had a panoramic view of the swiss Alps and there was snow everywhere. I followed him out and we were holding each other saying how beautiful it was. A few minutes later he stepped away from me and started acting strange then he said "You know I love you right? And one day I want to have little bambinos with you...” I started laughing and then he reached in his pocket and said "Mary one day will you marry me?" I was in complete shock! And he had a ring already on my wedding finger that was stuck; I started fumbling around saying "what? What?" and then the ring came off and I said “YES! YES! And now… I'm marrying my best friend :) and I'm so HAPPY!"

    Didn't Hildebrand Photography in Seattle do an amazing job capturing the essence of their love?

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