Wedding Tent Decorations

    Wedding Tent Decorations

    Helpful Hints For A Tent Wedding

    Many people find that having an outdoor wedding is their preferred choice. Using a nice tent as part of the wedding is a great idea, as it can help keep the sun off, contributing to the comfort of your guests. Additionally, it will keep the sun off the cake, preventing an icky meltdown. However, as you prepare for your tent wedding there are some things that you should keep in mind.

    First of all, you should be aware of the costs associated with a tent wedding. You will have to pay for the rental and the set up of your tent. Often, the same rental place that will rent you your event tent also can rent you chairs and tables as well. But you should know that a tent wedding often costs more than one held at an indoor reception hall. The plus side, though, is that you often have more control over your tent wedding, and it can be more intimate and personal. You can also find out if the rental place has dance floors. Many places can lay down some laminate over the grass to create an area for dancing.
    Wedding Tent Decorations

    Since you know that you will probably add about $15 to $20 per guest to the cost of your wedding by having a tent wedding, you should shop around for the best possible deal. Interview different rental companies in your area, and get estimates in writing. You want to make sure that you are comfortable with what you are getting, and with whom you are working. The Industrial Fabric Care Association has a Tent Rental division that can direct you to local tent rental agents in your local area.
    Once you have selected a tent rental company, it is important to work closely with the representative. Take him or her to the wedding site.
    Wedding Tent Decorations It is important that the representative understand the location so that she or he can figure out what will be needed, and if special equipment or arrangements need to be made. Portable restrooms are often needed, and caterers may need their own special area to set up for additional cooking and serving needs. Additionally, it may be necessary to plan for climate. If you know that it will probably be hot, fans and air conditioners are necessary; the tent should probably be more open. Heaters should be used in case of the cold, and a less open tent should be used. This is especially helpful if you are planning your wedding for early spring or anytime after the middle of September. You will also have to make sure that there is an adequate power source nearby, or arrange for a generator.
    Wedding Tent Decorations

    Creating a nice to your wedding tent can be fun. Decorate them with flowers and greenery for a nice look. The flowers you choose can really set the tone. Additionally, using ribbons and gauzy material is another option. If you will be having an evening reception, find out if you can use strings of lights or paper lanterns to soften the mood.

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