Wedding Gown Keepsake Sketch

    There are certain little things you will keep as special mementos from your big day. Your huge photo album will be put aside somewhere and your wedding DVD will sit on a shelf but, small things...a bouquet brooch, a photograph or two, your garter or bridal hankie...those are the things you will keep around you as reminders. Today, I wanted to share something else that you can keep as a beautiful reminder - a hand drawn sketch of your dress. You know, the dress that you dreamed your entire life about? The dress that made you and your mom cry? The dress you only got to spend an evening wearing? Now, you can keep a version of it forever! Meet Megan Hamilton. She draws beautiful replicas of your wedding gown!

    Custom Wedding Gown Keepsake Sketch

    She can do both your dress and your new hubby's tux
    Custom Wedding Gown/Tuxedo Sketch with Small "Honeymoon" Tote 

    Custom Wedding Gown/Tuxedo Sketch with Small "Honeymoon" Tote

    Add extra little your shoes and bridal bouquet - at no extra charge
    Custom Gown Sketch with Large "Honeymoon" Tote

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