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    If you're like most girls, you've thought more than once about your wedding dress. :) In fact, you've probably even browsed through a few "Bridal Today" magazines or viewed different styles over the internet.

    And, if you are anything like me, you thought: "WHAT?!"

    In today's world of "flaunting what you've got", even the pure, beautiful symbol of a wedding gown has been tainted. Our wedding gowns today sport tight, suck-the-life-out-of-you bodices (many are styled after lingerie and other intimate apparel), low-cut tops that leave nothing to be discovered, and horribly short and revealing skirts and bottoms!

    Where have all the modest and pretty weddings gowns gone?

    To the back row. The very last aisle at the Bridal shop. The dusty warehouse that's not looked in very often. And that, ladies, is a very disheartening and quite unfortunate event.

    The answer?

    You have to look a little harder. Just like we have to search longer and more thoroughly for swimsuits (if we don't already wear our clothes in the pool or lake), tops, skirts, etc. It takes time. And energy. And quite a few days of horrendously sore feet from being out at Target or the mall all day.

    But He appreciates it. :)

    And hey, it's not like we're not used to it, right? I always like to say that modest-shoppers have nerves of steel. :) We've been through every website, checked every aisle, and browsed through about ever consignment store out there! All for the noble, and heroic cause of helping our brothers rise above sexual sin. So give yourself a nice pat on the back if you've pressed on in the quest to find modest, feminine, pretty apparel!

    Anyway, I did a search on the internet last night, and actually found some beautiful wedding dresses! Let's look at a few:

    Dress #1!

    A very nice wedding gown! Not too form-fitting or revealing on the top. It pulls of a v-neck that goes below the collar-bone but well above the cleavage line. The ruffles at "poofy-ness" of the skirt give the dress a wonderful princess feel as well~!

    Dress #2.

    This is my all time favorite. :) (I want a traditional-looking wedding dress with sleeves just like this one!)

    This dress is lovely as well. A strapless dress at first without the sleeves, but with the sleeves it comes above the collar bone and gives the dress a very feminine feel. It exposes more of the shoulder (which was one thing I wasn't too crazy about) but depending on your personal taste and convictions, a modest gown like this may work very nicely. :)

    #3! This dress has a less poofy-princess-like feel, but the short sleeves, in my opinion, add a nice simple look. :) It goes an inch or two below the collar bone, but keeps any cleavage from showing. Paired with a necklace this dress would look gorgeous on any shape or size.

    Last but not least. :)

    This dress is a kind of combination of the 3 previous gowns, and has all the charm and beauty of a modest wedding dress! A princess train, cap sleeves with lace, and a high neckline, this dress would be a lovely choice for any wedding!

    Now that we've looked at these four (of many, I'll add!) modest dresses, let's compare them with the "standard" for a wedding gown.

    **Keep in mind what a wedding dress symbolizes: purity and beauty of a bride.**

    Although "sleeved", this dress obliterates the purpose of a sleeve. To cover and conceal the shoulder or upper arm. These sleeves cover almost nothing, and leave room to show all the skin. The skirt is pretty with a silk look to it, but the top? Cleavage is shown in front and the side.

    What must her husband think as she walks down the aisle and he sees his best man or other guy-friends staring at her chest? Does that make him feel special? Most certainly not.

    #2. Notice how the dress doesn't expose much cleavage, but about an inch below the armpit it shown, along with the shoulder, upper-chest, and arms. But the top isn't much of the issue here. Look at the fitting below the waist. Every part of this woman's hips and bottom is framed. Her curves are accentuated, drawing attention to what's underneath all that skin-tight fabric.

    This in no way honors her future husband or Heavenly Father.

    As brides and future wives we are to have grace, and beauty and dignity! Does a dress like this show the beauty of her heart? Quite the contrary, it shows how unattractive it really is.

    This dress horrifies me for 2 reasons: 1. it doesn't even look like a wedding dress! 2. It looks like she wrapped herself in a white, silky towel.

    This may cover her thighs, but the dress obviously is meant to draw attention to the legs. Cleavage is shown and about everything else on top is flaunted. It hugs her body and covers barely-enough to leave room for her future husband's imagination.

    Our world is so fallen that brides, on the day they show their purity and inner beauty, have been so lowered that they flaunt their bodies to the world, their husband (before the wedding night) and just about every other pair of male eyes in the room.

    This isn't right, ladies. And we need to fervently pray that God will help us lead a fallen generation back to Him! Back to what is pure, and righteous, and lovely and true and pleasing in His sight.

    But don't be discouraged, sister. :) If you're reading this post and are concerned and careful with your mode of dress, God will bless you! Modesty is a beautiful thing that men will cherish forever. That quality in a bride on her wedding day is dazzling and special. Stay strong in the Lord and trust Him to lead you down the right path! And never cease praying for our brothers as they struggle in this area. Your future hubby will appreciate your heartfelt prayers!

    As always, I'd love to hear thoughts and comments!


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