Twilight Party Ideas

    Twilight Party Ideas

    Twilight Saga Eclipse Party Ideas

    Twilight Saga Eclipse Party Ideas and party supplies with an Eclipse theme are very popular with tweens and teens... and some Twilight Moms too. The fans of this Stephenie Meyer Saga are no slouches when it comes to hosting and decorating for parties. There are some really fun games that have sprung up thanks to Twilight party planners too. Find out where to get the supplies, fun party games and party decorating ideas so when you have your Twilight Eclipse party it goes over as big as Alice Cullen's Forks HS Graduation party did! Yes, that's the party we find in the Eclipse novel, the one the entire senior class and some werewolves go to.

    If you are planning a party for the Twilight teen or tween in your house this year, think about using Eclipse party supplies... it is one of the hottest party themes of the year. This human and vampire romance story has thrilled readers all over the world and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

    That is a good thing to hear for Twilight fans like me!

    Twilight Saga Summary

    Book One: Twilight: Bella Swan moves to Forks Washington to live with her Dad. Her Mom is newly re-married and her new husband is a minor league baseball player. Bella wants her Mom to be able to travel with him rather than stay home with her. Once at Forks HS Bella immediately feels an attraction to Edward Cullen... school super hottie and vegetarian vampire. Old fashioned, good looking and sweet, Edward is also attracted to Bella right away... unfortunately he wants to suck her blood. That's tough to fight when your a vampire and you have a blood lust. Edward over comes his hunger and falls deeply in love with Bella. "You don't know how long I have waited for you", he tells her. Bella finds herself "Irrevocably" in love with Edward. And so do 99% of Twilight readers. Bella also finds herself tracked and almost killed by a band of nomadic killer vampires... the readers are safe from this kind of danger but we do live it vicariously through Bella.. The Cullens come to the rescue just in the nick of time.
    Twilight Party Ideas

    Book Two: New Moon: Fearing for Bella's safety, Edward leaves her believing she will be better off without him and any vampires in her life.. He goes off on a mission to find the killer vamp, Victoria... who in the last book was the lover of James the Tracker. The guy who tried to kill Bella in Phoenix. So, Edward is away and Bella kind of stops living. She is a mess. In fact, for a few chapters in the book, the pages are blank. It is a devastating thing for Bella and the readers. Just emptiness... nothing at all. Bella snaps out of it, sort of, when her Dad, Charlie, threatens to send her back to Phoenix. Bella gives the act of a lifetime when she pretends to come to life again. In truth she starts to put herself in risky situations because she hears Edward's voice in her head warning her to stop when she does something stupid and dangerous.

    She also starts to hang out with Jacob Black... .who already has a crush on her. Jacob is an Indian shape shifter and the vamps are his natural enemies. This becomes a problem later in the story when Alice Cullen shows up. Alice has the gift of premonition and she sees Bella jump into water and not come out. In reality, Bella went cliff diving and Jacob saved her... but Alice's reception gets fuzzy when a Werewolf is around so she never sees Bella get out of the water. She believes Bella is dead and the news gets back to Edward who decides he wants to die too. AH, so Romeo and Juliet... romantics have got to love it. Edward heads over to Italy to ask the Volturi (ancient vampires kind of like the vamp police) to kill him. Alice and Bella rush to save him and get there just in time. This story can be a little complicated, so I suggest you read the books.

    Twilight Party Ideas

    Book Three: Eclipse: More trouble for our human vampire boyfriend and girlfriend. Victoria, the evil redheaded vampire again. She is forming a new born vampire army in Seattle. She is on a mission to kill Bella Swan since Edward killed her mate, James. She thinks Edward should live without his mate, since she has to live without hers. We meet more werewolves in this book and movie and come to find a lot of new details about the Quileute Indians and the history of the shape shifters. The Volturi is also involved at the end... in fact, they are hoping the new born army will be the end of the Cullen clan. They don't know the wolves are working with the Cullens to protect Bella. WE see the vamps and wolves come to an understanding of sorts in this third book of the Saga. I just saw the movie version of Eclipse yesterday... okay, again yesterday. It was good, perhaps a little slow,..or I've just seen it too much. No matter, I am still hungry for Breaking Dawn.

    Twilight Party Ideas

    Book Four: Breaking Dawn: I cannot wait to see what this last movie will be like. This book is tied with Twilight as my favorite. The only thing I don't like about it, is it is the last of the Saga. I still want more. Stephenie do you hear me? More PLEASE. In Breaking Dawn... or next year's hot tween and teen party theme, we see a lot of events. One the wedding of Bella and Edward. Two the honeymoon on Esme's Island. Three the pregnancy that Edward and Carlisle want to end. They fear for Bella's life. WE also see Rosalie save Bella from an early termination of her pregnancy. We see the fetus hurt Bella and Jacob comes to be with her in the Cullen's home. Charlie thinks Bells is sick with a rare disease and has to be kept in quarantine. Oh boy, then finally with the birth of Renesmee comes the death of Bella... it's only Edward's quick thinking that saves her and turns her into a vampire like the rest of the Cullen's. But not so with Renesmee... the child of this human vampire pairing. A beautiful, irresistible child, Renesmee is the cause of the Volturi's last attempt to overcome the Cullen clan. With the help of other vampires and the wolves, the Cullens come out victorious in the end. And it seems these vegetarian vampires and their mates live happily ever after and in harmony with the Quileute Indian shape shifters.

    WOW... it's the best. If you haven't read it, get it. If you have, read it again. If you are planning a party, we can tell you where to find the Twilight Eclipse supplies you will need plus we have some cute party decorating ideas, yummy recipes that look vampirish... you know, food vampires would eat... if they ate and some fun party games... all with the Twilight Saga in mind. We also have some really great ideas for Twilight party favors and Eclipse party game prizes. So come on and enter my world of Twilight.

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