Wedding Dress Patterns

    Wedding Dress Patterns

    Make Your Own Dream Dress!

    One way to get the designer dress you have always dreamed of is to make it yourself or have someone you know make it for you. Even if you hire out the sewing job, it will be cheaper than actually buying that designer gown that you saw some movie star wear on a magazine cover.

    You would choose a wedding dress pattern in the same way you would choose a wedding dress from a boutique. Choose a style that you love and that is good for your body type. One way you can do this if you are not sure if it will suit your body type is to go to a boutique, find a similar style, and try it on.
    Wedding Dress Patterns

    The best way to find the best patterns is to visit several pattern maker's Internet websites or call and ask for a catalog of wedding dress patterns. When you get the catalogs you can start looking for the dream gown that you want. You can also look at the bridal salons to get an idea of what you want and then look for the pattern. You will be using a bridal salon to order the bridesmaids dresses anyway so it causes no harm.
    Wedding Dress Patterns

    Since you have decided to sew your own dress or have one made for you, you may be wondering how much it will cost to have it made. There are a few considerations that will help to determine that such as the type of fabric you will be using to make your dress. Fabrics can be pricey, and wedding gowns have many different types of fabrics in them as a rule. For example most dresses are made of satin and lace with tulle underneath.

    Do your research and watch for fabric sales at fabric stores and online. Fabric can run from about $4.00 per yard and up. You can even find wedding gowns that are being sold very inexpensively that you might be able to use several things off of on your own gown.
    Wedding Dress Patterns

    The second consideration is whether you will be making the gown or hiring the sewing job out to someone else. If you will be doing the sewing yourself, the cost will be just materials. If you hire a seamstress, you will have to look around for one that has rates that you can afford. It will run you two to five hundred dollars depending on the complexity of the design, and the detail that will need to go into it.

    There will be many fittings, and design aspects of the dress that you will have to decide on. Do you want a long train and if so you will need a bustle. You also need to make a veil which is not hard to do, and you can match it perfectly to your gown by using some accents on it that are used on your gown. You can also purchase a veil.

    Be sure to go over every small detail of your dress to make sure that is exactly the way you want it. It will look like that designer gown you saw on the cover of that magazine and no doubt you will look just as beautiful in it.

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