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    It's began in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Historians tell us that the custom of most western women wear white on their wedding days. Even brides who are taking their second stroll down the aisle often opt for a white bridal gown. Like all traditions, the white wedding is open to interpretation. Before, they rarely wore white wedding dress. But after the most powerful women on earth wore white dress in their wedding day, for better or worse, she started a fashion trend.

    The white gown soon became a symbol of innocence, chastity, and devotion. Inspired by their storybook romance, the Victorian Era was responsible for many of our contemporary symbols of love. One of them is the white wedding. Embraced almost immediately by the elites of society, it took more than a century for middle class brides on both sides of the Atlantic to adopt the trend. As any sociologist could tell you with a shrug of his shoulders, there is really no easy explanation for how or why a trend becomes a tradition. The English and American brides who wore white en masse after WWII had very little in common with Queen Victoria. But maybe that was the point, that every woman deserves to be treated like a queen on her wedding day.

    Because white is the most popular color, brides can choose from a number of interesting styles. Though white is a traditional color, it hasn't stopped designers from experimenting with contemporary styles. Let us take a moment to review a few of the most popular white wedding dresses.

    Silhouettes are popular with brides who have put in their time at the gym. They hug every curve and show off a fabulous figure. Because they are lighter and more comfortable, silhouettes can be worn through the ceremony, the reception, and may even be worn again. They are frequently found at more casual affairs, often during the summer months where the comfort of the bride is of is of paramount importance.

    A ball gown is a classic pick, though not without its flaws. On the plus side, they help brides with less than perfect figures achieve an attractive, classic shape due to the rigidity of their design. Because these gowns quite heavy and restrictive, so many brides change out of them into more comfortable dresses for the reception.

    The mermaid style gown gives a bride with a slightly larger lower half the ability to conceal her thighs and hips in a tight- fighting dress. As you might expect, it often takes her a bit longer to get down the aisle because she has to take much smaller steps, though the design is often quite flattering.

    A tea-length wedding dress is perfect for the outdoors or for a casual summer ceremony. A wedding that takes place in a garden, the backyard or on the beach can save thousands. Because these dress designs are often less intricate, especially when it comes to the wedding gown.

    Above is example dresses design you can choice. But white is not the one of choice in the wedding ceremony.If you can’t decide whether a white wedding dress is the right choice for you,its not mean your wedding is to be less sacred. It's just symbolize.
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