Wedding Cake Ideas

    Wedding Cake Ideas

    Make Wedding Cake With Your Idea

    To some the idea of taking on the project of creating their own wedding cake may seem an ominous task. However, with a little planning, organization and creativity it can become a satisfying and memorable experience.

    There are a myriad of books and websites dedicated to wedding cake ideas where one can find an abundance of resources. An aspiring wedding cake designer must first decide on the style and size of the cake, which can itself be quite a task. The bride's wedding colors and theme should be taken into consideration first and foremost. Generalized tastes of the anticipated guests should also be taken into consideration, although an exquisite cake can still be made to cater to a rather neutral palate.
    Wedding Cake Ideas

    A great place to find ideas and supplies for your wedding cake is at a large craft store. Most of these stores dedicate large areas of floor space to wedding themed products. Here one can find wedding cake ideas galore! These stores generally offer a wide assortment of cake toppers, lace, ribbons and flowers. Some may even supply the cardboard circles for each layer of the cake to rest on, parchment paper, pastry bags and pillar supports if the layers are to be raised.
    Wedding Cake Ideas

    A restaurant supply store is another good source for these supplies and a good place to stock up on various sized cake pans and icing spatulas.

    Spring wedding cake ideas are generally inspired by flowers and pastels colors. A light angel cake can be tiered into a low tower and layered in between with fresh berries. A fresh fruit preserve can act as the wedding cake icing and can be delicately strewn with edible flowers such as nasturtium, violet, jasmine and lilac.
    Wedding Cake Ideas

    Many brides are breaking from the traditional round-layered cakes and opting for a fresh and edgy square wedding cake. These cakes tier just as well as the traditional round cakes and can be offset to create a diamond design. The square cakes also are the perfect canvas for an intricate icing or fondant latticework.

    A traditional tiered round cake can easily be taken from simple to elegant with the addition of some ribbon. Craft stores supply innumerable spools of finely detailed ribbon that can surely be matched to a bridal theme. Simply cut pieces of the ribbon to the circumference of the layers, carefully wrap and secure with a toothpick. The possibilities are endless!

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