Prom Photographers

    Prom Photographers

    Tips for Choosing A Prom Photographer

    One of the biggest traditions of prom is getting a professional photo with your date at the dance. These are the typical posed shots against a backdrop that end up being given to friends and family. As a prom planner, you need to remember to choose and book the photographer for the event. Here are some easy tips on what to look for when choosing a prom photographer.

    Type of Photos: As a committee, decide whether you want a photographer to do only the studio set photographs (traditional) or if you want to have candid shots as well. I suggest having candid shots; they make great additions to Senior Picture Slideshows for graduation.
    Prom Photographers

    Cost: Remember, you are working within your budget! Find a photographer that meets your needs and can work with what you have to offer. Depending on the size of the prom, some photographers will require a booking fee. Make sure you ask!

    Backdrops: When shopping for photographers, ask what backdrops or backgrounds they have to offer. Some have a huge supply while others are more limited. If you want something that fits in with your theme, make sure you mention that.
    Prom Photographers

    Printing: As a committee, decide whether you want on-site printing or if you want pictures to be mailed later. The benefits of on-site printing are that students get to preview the shot before it gets printed and they walk out with the photo that night. However, most good prom photographers will allow students to preview the picture anyway.
    Prom Photographers

    Now that you have found your ideal photographer, just make sure everything is down on paper (the cost, type of photos, printing, etc). Also, make sure you provide them with everything they need to know:

    - Date, time and place of the prom (include set up and tear down time) - Number of students attending - Where they will be located at the venue and how much room they have to work in

    For more tips, check out similar articles or ask other schools. Referrals are great ways to network and find quality photographers as well!

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